The module, consisting of lectures and seminars, focuses upon the problems of the development of American literature (from the onset of the 17th century to the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries). Its central objective is to allow the Student to gain knowledge of the most important trends in the literary history of the US, the insight into the work of the most influential figures shaping the development of American literature and the most impactful texts of the country's literary canon.

The module (predominantly) relies upon the contents provided by individual instructors and materials delivered to the Students via Moodle: following the recordings and instructions in Moodle, the Students will be asked to arrive in class duly prepared for the classroom discussion under the guidance of the instructor.

Additionally, for out-of-class groupwork, the Students enrolled may use the following Teams profile 

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The grading principles are available in the course syllabus and in the first section of the Moodle course.